Wedding Preparation & the Celebrant

General FAQs – Celebrants and Wedding Preparation

When you’re doing your wedding preparation, this is one of the first issues you have to decide upon.


Is there a set fee for all celebrants to charge?

No, celebrants are free to charge whatever fee they feel is most appropriate for the ceremony in question, given the services and time provided.

I have a number of packages, each offering different levels of ceremonies for varying prices, and depending on how much you want to personalise your ceremony.


How should I choose a celebrant?

Ask around, particularly from people who have used local celebrants. Look on the web for a celebrant’s website, check the various directories, and attend Bridal Expos. It is a good idea to call at least one or two celebrants and ask to meet them.


What makes a good celebrant?

A good celebrant should be a good source of knowledge and ideas, but it is important that you feel that s/he is actually listening to what you and your partner want, and not just determined to give the ceremony they want to give. A good celebrant reads his/her clients well, and conducts the ceremony in a way that suits their personalities.

It is essential to choose someone with whom you both feel comfortable, whom you feel you can trust and rely upon, whom you feel will run the ceremony competently, quietly guide you when you need it, be dignified but relaxed, and who will make your special day the one you want it to be.

My style would be best described as semi-formal, not stiff or starchy, with some humour. I find that this style is particularly beneficial for the couple, because it helps them stay relaxed. And I believe it is essential to involve and include the guests in everything!

Although the style almost always depends on the bride and groom, sometimes a ceremony will tend towards more formality, and sometimes it will be completely relaxed. My mantra to follow is “whatever they want”.

Naming Ceremonies or Christenings tend to be much less formal, simply because of the number of little children present. And, as a result, they are usually fun!


How often will we need to meet with the celebrant before the wedding?

That depends on the type of package you buy, but I usually suggest 2-3 meetings and a rehearsal which usually takes place a day or two before the ceremony.


Do I have to invite the celebrant to the reception?

Only if you want to.


How are the payments for the celebrant arranged?

When you sign the Notice of Intended Marriage, this is the normal time to pay a non-refundable deposit.

The balance of the fees is normally paid at least 7 days before the wedding date.


Music, Poetry, etc: Copyright Issues

I have a licence for the reproduction of musical work and sound recordings for the use of music within the ceremony only.


  • If the couple go beyond what my licence covers in their choice of music and/or poetry/readings etc., that will be their responsibility.
  • But any music played should be covered by my licence, because weddings are regarded as private functions.


Pre-marital relationship education

All of the groups listed below offer much the same courses to their clients, and are government approved. One of the most useful courses (based on comments by my clients) is FOCCUS – offered by all of the groups below:


Centacare Catholic Family & Community Services

They offer Marriage, Family & Personal Counselling services, assisting any individual or family. You do not have to be Catholic to use their services. There is an affordable fee for some services. They have various offices in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Contact Details:

Ph: (07) 5527 7211 Fax: (07) 5527 7454
Email: Contact through website


Relationships Australia

Relationships Australia offer courses dealing with pre-marital issues, and also parenting and building a relationship after marriage and children. Costs are dependent on the course taken. Topics covered are: personality differences, lifestyle expectations, communication styles, friends and interests, family backgrounds, beliefs about parenting, money, etc

5 Markeri Street, Mermaid Beach, QLD 4218

Contact Details:
Ph: (07) 1 300 364 277



Kinections offers courses in building new relationships, preparing for marriage, and for remarriage. These can include enriching a long-term relationship, assisting with communication problems.

5 Reid Street, Wooloongabba QLD 4102

Contact Details:
Ph: (07) 3453 4343


 Then of course, there are all the Legal FAQs

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