Wedding Flourishes – Ways to enhance your wedding: Part 2

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Wedding Flourishes – Ways to enhance your wedding: Part 2

by Robert Moore


Remember, that in Part 1 we learned that Flourishes are ways to make your wedding more personal, more meaningful, and add greater feeling and emotion to the ceremony.

A Wedding Flourish is a short or small ritual action, which symbolises what has just been said.
(Warning! – This can often be the moment when the tears can begin to flow, as the ritual act connects the head and the heart.)

Part 1 of this post dealt with the various forms of the Unity Ceremony. This part will outline some other flourishes that can add to emotional intensity of a wedding ceremony.


Warming The Rings

This wedding flourish involves the wedding rings being handed round amongst the guests—usually starting at the back working up to the front. It would work well in a venue such as a wedding chapel where people are seated.

(Warning! – Outdoors where all are standing might be difficult. And on a beach it might be a recipe for one of the disasters you see everyone laughing at on YouTube!)

The usual thing is to wrap the rings securely in a silk handkerchief. Then each guest receives the “parcel” and holds it, imbuing it with their “vibes” and their good wishes to the couple whose wedding it is. The best man receives the rings from the last to hold them – usually the couple’s parents.


The Flower Strewn Path

This is what those gorgeous little flower girls are for, as they go before the bridal procession to where the ceremony is to be, carrying a basket of flower petals usually from red roses.

They spread the petals on the ground or floor, so that the bride walks up a flower strewn path.

If your wedding is in a wedding chapel, or hotel, it is a really good idea beforehand to check that the proprietors of your wedding venue do not mind your creating what can be best described as a “clean” mess. This fragrant and colourful tradition symbolises the wish that the bride’s path through life will be a bed of roses.

One other thing – your little flower girls need to have a practice run so that they know how to appropriately ‘strew’ the petals – as opposed to dropping them in large clumps!

And here’s another rather hilarious reason for rehearsing this with your flower girl beforehand!

Best Flower Girl Entrance In Wedding History!



Probably the most common flourish is the throwing of some form of confetti or another.

It is important to remember that not all wedding venues permit the use of confetti.

You need to check this out, otherwise you may receive a somewhat unpleasant cleaning bill from your wedding venue after the day is over.

Throwing rice grains (or a similar cereal) goes back to very ancient times. The usual cereals, apart from rice, have been wheat and corn. In classical times, the Greeks would pour flour and sweets over the newly married couple, while people in other Mediterranean countries used small fruits and nuts.

The modern form of this is confetti, although this is most unpopular at wedding venues as it is difficult to clean up, and when rain falls at the end of a wedding, confetti has been known to stain wedding dresses and carpets!!!! Not appreciated!! Grains are, of course, biodegradable.

The use of confetti actually misses the point that the original use of seeds was a symbol of fertility. It is a way of saying “May all your problems be little ones!” to the newly married couple.

Blowing bubbles - more environmentally friendly than confettiA more general (and less messy) form of this flourish often seen these days is the blowing of pretty bubbles. Some recent beautiful wedding pictures show the couple surrounded by bubbles blown by large numbers of guests. The bubbles could be seen as symbols of creativity and beauty, and a wish that these become features of the lives of the couple.


Finally . . .

Most wedding couples go to a great deal of trouble to create the perfect day. Large amounts of money are spent on dresses, limos, catering, and venues for both the wedding and the reception. The central pivot of the day is of course the ceremony. A wedding ceremony is essentially an occasion when the bride and groom say very important things, and make a huge commitment to each other, followed by celebration of the fact that they have done so.

Wedding Flourishes, included simply and easily, provide a way of adding to the emotional content of the occasion and enhancing what is, as ultimately, a major life transition.

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