Planning a Wedding

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Planning a Wedding

Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is, in some ways, like organising a long trip . . .

There are so many people . . . places . . . services . . . clothes . . . etc . . . to be organised, that you need to allow quite a decent lead time so that you don’t finish up at the ceremony on the wedding day suffering from total exhaustion . . . and you wake up the next morning saying, “What happened? It all went so quickly and I wasn’t able to enjoy it . . . I don’t quite remember!” It has happened!


Planning is the Key

The secret of a great wedding day is planning . . .

The first part of your planning will be to check on some important things . . .

  • Pick your time, date and venue . . . best done well in advance.
  • Can your guests come . . . especially those who are really important to you . . . such as your parents and other family?
  • Can any special friends who are coming from a long way away get there?
  • Is accommodation available (for those who are coming from a long way) with family and friends, or will they have to stay in a hotel?
  • Booking your ceremony and reception venue well in advance (like a minimum of 8 months, and preferably 12) will ensure that you are less likely to be disappointed.
  • Is your preferred celebrant, priest, minister, rabbi or other officiant available on your chosen date?
  • With your celebrant (regardless of whether celebrant, priest, minister etc), do not forget that within Australia you are required to give one months notice before the wedding date.

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