Hello world!

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Hello world!

by Robert Moore


Hello world! Well, sort of . . . .

You see, I now have a new website, which has all sorts of new features that I am really happy about. The things I mention below couldn’t be done on my old site. (For the technically-minded, the old one was a now obsolete form of html, whereas this one is built in the up-to-date WordPress platform.)

The great thing about this is that if I want to add things or make changes, I can actually do it myself, instead of having to get someone else to do it at great expense. I can do all sorts of things with it – put new material up – make small alterations or big ones – and do it all instantly. And by myself! Wonderful!

This site is also responsive – which means that if you are looking at my site on your mobile phone or your tablet – you don’t have to be forever scrolling L – R – L – R – etc in order to read the page! And let’s face it, these days most people just wouldn’t bother!

Then there is this blog section– where I can write periodically about aspects of the sorts of ceremonies I conduct, as well as more peripheral issues related to them. AND people can write (hopefully – good) comments about something I have said or something I have done. And if it’s something that is not so good, or that needs a reply and response, I’ll try to address that as quickly as possible. That’s the best way for my service to improve and for you to get exactly the ceremony you want.

So you can expect articles and thoughts popping up at different times that will help you organise different kinds of ceremonies. And you can always go to the Contact page to ask me specific questions.

I have to thank my website creator – Paul Miles — who put the thing together, and has taught me a huge amount about how websites work. He also continues to take care of the mysterious underworld that makes the site function, ruled over by that mythological god “Coding”. I am very happy to recommend Paul . . . check out his website Eurythmia if you need your own site!

I look forward to reading any comments that you have, and now have great pleasure in welcoming everyone to my new site.

Best wishes,




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