Wedding-day ( and time and place) . . . how to choose . . .

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Your wedding-day will more usually be on Friday afternoons or weekends . . .

because this will enhance the attendance at your wedding day.  Fridays and weekends are when most of your guests will be able to come, specially if they are working!  BUT you don’t have to have your wedding-day on a weekend . . .

An important question is whether both of you be able to get time off at the time of the wedding, both before and after the wedding-day?  Great for enjoying time with visiting family, and for a honeymoon.

You need to think about who you would like to have at the ceremony  on your wedding-day (and the celebration afterwards!). So the ultimate wedding date and time will probably be a compromise between all the people you will ask, and those who will actually be available to attend on the day

Your wedding-day . . . on the weekend or during the week?

On the other hand, for small weddings you need to consider that quite a lot of money can be saved by not having a wedding at peak times (e.g. not on Fridays or weekends).


This is why most wedding venues, limousines, celebrants, caterers . . . and many other services will charge more for a wedding-day held on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


Your wedding-day . . . which season is best?

Most people prefer the in-between seasons of autumn and spring. The most popular wedding times of year are from March to May, and from September to November.

The reason is that the weather is comfortable: not too hot and not too cold. This means, for example, that men wearing suits, and ladies wearing strapless gowns are comfortable. As a bride, you cannot really slip on a cardigan or a jumper!

It is also good for older guests who find very cold or very hot weather very trying.


Advance Notice of your wedding-day  . . .

Legally, you have to give a calendar month’s notice  . . . so you can’t rush off and get married in a hurry without a good reason . . . but there are ways of having a wedding within that time as long as you have that good reason, and can convince the local Court Prescribed Authority. If this is your situation, do ask me . . . as you might be able to go ahead.

So you need to plan ahead, and in this way, you can have the wedding day you want . . . on the right date, at the right time.

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