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Robert Moore  –  Gold Coast Celebrant

If you are looking for an experienced and qualified Gold Coast Celebrant for weddings and other ceremonies, I’d love you to give me a call.
So let me introduce myself.

An image of business owner and Gold Coast celebrant Robert MooreMy name is Robert Moore. I am a long-term resident of the Gold Coast.

As a celebrant with over 22 years’ experience, I believe my most important function (and duty) is to make your ceremony experience memorable — and for all the right reasons. With me, you won’t get your ceremony featured on YouTube for all the wrong reasons. Only if there’s a meme category for “most enjoyed or appreciated ceremonies”!

I offer ceremonies in a variety of categories, and a number of variations are available in each. I celebrate  WeddingsRenewals of VowsNaming Ceremonies and Baptisms,  and various  Celebrations of our important Life Events,  including  Funerals.

Whatever your need or choice, my focus will always be on you, and what you want. You will get the chance (and I believe I have the obligation) to make your ceremony particularly reflect your feelings. As well as the feelings of those around you.

You will also not find me the sort of celebrant you see on those online videos who likes to be the centre of attention. It’s your ceremony, not mine. And it will always be centred on you, your loved ones and any others concerned. I will just quietly and efficiently get on with my job. And the only excitement you will experience will be the excitement you SHOULD be feeling.

I am always happy just to chat with people and to answer any questions you may have about ceremonies in general and mine in particular. Now, whether you choose me to look after your ceremony later on or not makes no difference. I’m more than happy for you to call just to have a chat. Naturally though, I hope you will choose me.

You won’t regret it. Please have a look at the testimonials to see what others have felt about the ceremonies I’ve celebrated. The testimonials are pretty representative of my style.


About me

I have been a celebrant for over 22 years – since 1995 – and have officiated at more than 1700 weddings.  In that time, I have also presided over more than 1500 other ceremonies including Namings, Christenings and Funerals.

Before taking up work as a Gold Coast celebrant, I was a school teacher, administrator, musician and counsellor. I was the founding Director of Music at The Southport School, where I worked for 20 years. In 1988, my work in Music Education was recognised with the award of a Fulbright Educational Scholarship. This involved further study in the United States of America. Since 1989 I have been teaching in schools and universities, as well as working as a celebrant. In 1995 I also completed a masters degree in music.

Gold Coast Celebrant Robert Moore with Saburo and Yumi at the Sanctuary Cove Wedding

“Saburo and I just would like to express our appreciation for your celebrant service on our wedding day the other day. It was a beautiful ceremony – all went smooth thanks to you.  We had a wonderful time. Thank you, Saburo and Yumi” (Wedding at the Chapel, Intercontinental Hotel Sanctuary Cove)

In 2005, I received the Diploma in Marriage Celebrancy by award from the International College of Celebrancy based in Melbourne. The Diploma was presented by the founder of the College, Dally Messenger III. ( And yes . . . he is the grandson of the Rugby League great!) The citation on the Diploma reads:

To recognise above average ability in the delivery of Rites of Passage, for his contribution to the intelligent understanding of the celebrant challenge, for his support to good initiatives in celebrant organisations, and his studied contribution to the progress of celebrancy.

You will see that my rather wide range of occupations has required a high level of planning, presentation and professionalism on my part. All of which help me deliver the perfect service for your special occasion. I am also a member of the following professional organisations:

  • The International Colleges of Celebrancy Association (ICCA) 
  • The Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants (AFCC)

I enjoy my work as a Gold Coast celebrant, as it involves getting to know my clients really well. One of the pleasures is that it allows me to get a sense of who people are.

And it’s the best way to ensure that the ceremony we all take part in on your day is the one that you truly want. Your dream ceremony, in other words.

I have met all kinds of people from many different walks of life. It continues to be a great pleasure to bring all these life experiences together — along with a genuine joy in communicating. And to be able to offer a truly unique level of service in the delivery of ceremonies to celebrate those special moments.

My philosophy of celebrancy can be summed up in this short phrase . . .

Not just personalised, but personal


Please feel free to contact me…

…about your wedding or other ceremony to mark a special life event, such as:

Renewal of Vows
Naming Ceremonies
Funerals and Celebrations of Life


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